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XML Sitemap Plus Generator & Splitter - Magento 2

260 USD
Generates & Splits your XML Sitemap + Provides crucial SEO data on # of URLs listed in 'each' XML Sitemap.
For any help, write to us at: support@cueblocks.com

Compatible With

Community 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.0
Enterprise 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.0

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XML Sitemap Generator & Splitter Extension is currently helping many stores (with few hundreds to thousands of SKUs) in improving their search engine indexing and visibility.

We couldn't be more excited to finally unveil the improved Cueblocks' XML Sitemap PLUS Generator & Splitter Extension for Magento 2 stores.

Here's how you can use the new version of our XML sitemap extension to better manage your Magento 2® store's XML Sitemaps with the following features:

  • Category path for product URLs/links:
    XML Sitemap Plus Generator & Splitter extension, the product URL in the generated sitemap will have the canonical URL. 
  • Divide Sitemap by Manufacturer:
    This feature will allow you to create XML sitemaps based on the "Manufacturer" attribute of products.
  • Real Last Modification date:
    The 'mod date' value in XML Sitemap tells search engines about when was the content on a page last updated. It also helps search engines in calculating their crawl frequency. You can now specify if you want the extension to automatically include the 'mod date' value or to use the date when the sitemap was generated.
  • Generate Image Sitemap:
    You can now also create image sitemap as per Google's protocol along with a regular sitemap. The image sitemap will include image information with product URLs.
  • Generate Mobile Sitemap :
    A Mobile Sitemap is a separate XML sitemap which contains URLs that serve mobile web content. Using 'XML Sitemap Plus Generator & Splitter', you can now generate a Mobile Sitemap as per Google's recommended format in addition to regular or mobile or both sitemaps.
  • Catalog based on Store View:
    'XML Sitemap PLUS Generator & Splitter' will now allow you to filter the products and category URLs at Store View level, in case you are using different Category Root at Store View level.
  • Checks for and notifies missing URL Rewrite:
    In Magento 2, when URL rewriting is not enabled, Magento 2 URLs look like this: www.yourstore.com/catalog/product/view/id/166 or catalog/category/view/id/10. If you have URL rewrite enabled, Magento 2 rewrites URLs in a user and search engine friendly version, such as www.yourstore.com/category-name/product-name.html. When 'XML Sitemap PLUS Generator & Splitter' generates your XML sitemaps, it will check all the URLs in the XML sitemap and notify you if it encounters an entry with missing URL rewrite.
  • Respects your robots.txt rules:
    You can now generate XML sitemaps and exclude paths that you have disallowed in your robots.txt for all bots. (It respects rules set for user-agent: *)

We'd love to hear your thoughts on how we could improve it further to make 'XML Sitemap PLUS Generator & Splitter' more useful for your Magento 2 store.

How to use this extension?

Step 1: Setup Extension Configuration. This first step is optional because we have set default configuration values on the setting page in a way that it fulfills most of your store's XML Sitemap requirements; but it's always good to check the configuration settings of the extension to know how the XML Sitemap will be generated. To go to the configuration page, from the Magento 2 Admin Panel, go to Stores > Configuration. On the left navigation of this page, you will find 'XML Sitemap Plus Generator & Splitter', under CUEBLOCKS. Set the extension configuration as per requirement. Make sure that you enter the email address(es), where you would like to receive Sitemap Summary each time sitemap is generated or updated.

Step 2: Go to Add Sitemap. Go to manage sitemaps from Magento Admin Panel in the left navigation bar: Marketing->XML Sitemap Plus Generator and Splitter -> 'Manage Sitemap(s) . Click on 'Add Sitemap' button in the top-right hand corner of this screen. 

Step 3: Generate New Sitemap.Enter 'File name of your XML Sitemap', Root location & select store view and click on 'Save & Generate' button. That's it. It's done. Your XML Sitemap will be generated and get listed on the 'Manage Sitemap' screen.


Benefits of XML Sitemap Generator & Splitter extension for Magento 2:

  • Smooth indexing and generating of XML Sitemaps

  • Search Engine friendly sitemaps with canonical URLs and Google recommended mobile sitemaps

  • Image sitemaps as per Google's protocol

  • Generate sitemaps at the store view level: the extension allows you to generate sitemaps of selected products and categories at the store view level

  • Informs Google about crawl frequency and last modifications date

  • Allows categorization of website pages like Category, CMS, products, out of stock

  • Enables daily sitemap generation report email at your configured email id

  • Compatible with major Search engines Google, Bing etc.


New Features:

  • Added category filter to exclude the particular categories and their products from the sitemap

  • Compatible with Magento B2B

  • Ability to exclude or include the products from selected category from the sitemap

  • Exclude any particular URLs (category, product) from the sitemap

The XML Sitemap Generator and Splitter extension for Magento 2 ensures that your store is future-proofed against sitemap lags. Install now.  

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