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Social Bookmarking Icons

Social Bookmarking Icons extension allows you to "share" products / page on various Social Networking sites as chosen by you.
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Compatible With

Community 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6
Enterprise No

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This extension allows you to share products / page on various Social Networking sites. You can insert the icons you want and then choose to display them anywhere in your theme. Installation Guidelines:

  • Login into your Magento admin & go to System->Magento Connect Manager.
  • Use the extension key to install extension "Social Bookmarks Icons" & click on Install.
  • Once installation is completed by Magento Connect Manager, do the following :
    1. Log out from the admin area
    2. Clear Magento cache
    3. Login into Magento admin and click on "Social Icons -> Manage Icons" menu to manage your Icons.
  • By default, Social Icons will not be displayed on frontend / client until below given code is added on template page. <?php echo CUE_socialIcons(); ?> For example, to display icons on footer, edit your footer.phtml in Theme directory in YOUR_THEME/template/page/html/ and paste the above code where ever you want to display icons.
  • Clear Magento Cache if you don't see icons on the frontend.


You can directly download this extension from magento-connect

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