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Share on WhatsApp - Magento 2

75 USD

It allows customers to share URLs of CMS, product and category pages via WhatsApp on mobile devices.

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Compatible With

Community 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.0
Enterprise 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.0

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The “Share on WhatsApp” Extension for Magento 2, by CueBlocks, allows you to take social sharing of your eCommerce products and category pages to mobile phones. With this extension, customers can share URLs of CMS pages, product pages and product listings via WhatsApp.
Once the extension is installed, the WhatsApp icon sharing button will appear along with other social sharing buttons but only on mobile version of your Magento 2 website. Also, the “Share on WhatsApp” extension doesn't work on the web version of the WhatsApp app.

With the “Share on WhatsApp” Extension On Your Store:

1. Your customers will be able to share URLs of products with anyone who has WhatsApp installed on their mobile phones. This means that users can now share products and preferences with their friends and families to get an opinion before buying or shortlisting.
2. The WhatsApp Button will be displayed on all or important Category, Product and, CMS pages which can also be disabled from any one of them.
3. Admins can customize the text for product pages and CMS pages to be sent along with the shared link.
4. The URLs shared can be default, customized or shortened (Bitly).
5. Admins can customize the text appearing on the WhatsApp Button

Benefits of “Share on WhatsApp”:
Make your products, product listing and CMS pages more readily accessible with this extension.
Share them across handhelds and enjoy more traction.
The “Share on WhatsApp” extension will enable a store to enjoy the impact of word-of-mouth marketing.

Please note:

  • A CueBlocks customer does not require a WhatsApp account for installation and configuring the extension. However, the end user must have WhatsApp account to be able to receive the page or the product shared with them. Whatsapp is a mobile app and users can download it from their app stores to create the account.
  • If the customer wants to use the Bitly URL option for sending the short form of the page or product URL, then an account on Bitly is mandatory. The user can make an account by signing up at: After signing up, an access token will be generated which needs to be used in the "Access token" field under extension settings: Share on WhatsApp>Short URL settings > Type >Bitly and Acess token.


Since the handheld is the most widely used device and readily available with everyone, this extension for Magento 2 mobile stores will make it extremely convenient for users to share products and product listings, from your online store, with each other.

Add this extension to your Magento 2 store and empower it with more social sharing potential!

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